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Parallel Lines

Simon Longnight

Actor, Artist, Model & Creature/Suit Performer


With a background in dance, theatre, musical theatre, and storytelling, Simon Longnight breaths life & humanity into every character he plays … even if it isn't human. Most recently, Simon starred in HAMILTON THE MUSICAL at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood as The Marquis de Lafayette & Thomas Jefferson. After spending four years with the show, performing in Puerto Rico, opposite Lin Manuel Miranda, San Francisco, and most recently LA, Simon decided to put down roots here in Los Angeles.  

He has performed all over the country in musicals and plays, as well as worked on TV and in commercials. As a creature/suit performer he has played a range of characters with his tall (6’2”) lean athletic build. He has played characters on all fours, some ape-like, others leaning more toward humanoid physicality. He has performed as creatures with characteristics that mimic that of a snake or reptile. He has played characters of both high status & low status (example: high status- royals & low status- peasants ). As well as being very comfortable working in restricting costumes and working with arm stilts.

He is a trained actor with a BFA from the University of Michigan Musical Theatre Department and a physical performer with a strong ability to act through a mask, prosthetics & full-body costumes.  He has a background in film, theatre, and dance. He is not claustrophobic and has no make up allergies.

He is very passionate about the collaborative aspect of creature performance and film making. Any opportunity he gets to play, collaborate and make magic with a community of artists, he feels like he is doing what his artistry is meant to do.  

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